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Wrinkle Creams

The uses of retinol on cosmetics

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It is a fat-soluble for sharp vision and strong bones. Other forms of vitamin A such as retinal, retinyl esters and retinoic acid. Still, retinol is the most useful. It is also known for its anti-aging effect on skin to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines which are the most common skin problem as we age.

Retinol Lotions

This type of skincare product is not thick like the cream but it is more as water based. This is also used to moisturize the whole body and can be used any time of the day to protect skin from being overly dry and flaky. It is mostly recommended to use right after you shower to deeply be absorbed by your skin. It can make skin look young and fresh and also help treat the damage done by the harmful effects of the sun, like dull skin and sunburn.

Retinol Lip Treatments

Mostly the lips is exposed to different air and food temperatures and the effects of the environmental pollution around us. All of the mentioned facotrs can affect the health of the lips that can thin out, and becomes dry. It needs to be moisturized well, one that contains retinol to help plump the lips back and make it smooth and soft.

Retinol Creams

These type of creams used to moisturize for the skin to be soft and supple. They can also treat blemishes, acne problems, wrinkles and some skin pigmentations. For those who have oily skin, you don’t have to worry because this cream is not oily at all. This is usually used as night cream and should be a part of your daily skincare routine.

Retinol Eye Treatments

This type of skin treatment is used to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, crowsfeet which are the most common effects of aging that we usually notice on our skin as we age. This is to smoothen out the problem areas around your eyes which is one of the most sensitive part.

Retinol Serums

Just like the creams, it can also best help rejuvenate the skin and concentrate on the problem areas like early aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, and other aging effects on skin that needs to be treated. It is recommended to be applied at night time before you sleep, you can include this on your daily skincare routine before applying your moisturizer.

How to achieve smooth and radiant skin

With a lot of different skincare products available in stores now, we may get confused on what product to use to achieve a smooth and radiant skin. It’s not impossible to achieve healthy and stunning skin for as long as you know how to properly take good care of your skin. You don’t need an expensive product or some major procedure that requires a lot with the rate and the product content that might harm your skin. Here are some beauty tips to remember:

Apply sunscreen

This beauty tip has been very common in every skincare routine discussed in some articles but it is very important to include this on your daily regimen. Sunscreen can protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun that can harm you skin in many ways. It can promote wrinkles and fine lines, sunburn, dry skin, scaly skin, can make skin look dull and worst of all is skin cancer. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen everyday to keep skin away from the harmful effect of the sun.

Use serum

Serum is more concentrated than moisturizer. They are perfect to treat your specific skin problems such as skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging of skin, dark spots and a lot more. You can apply serum after cleansing your face. You can also use this for spot treatment if you want to fully concentrate on the specific problem on your skin and follow it with a moisturizer to leave your skin smooth and supple.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Your makeup brushes comes in direct contact with your skin everyday. That’s why it needs to be clean on regular basis especially if you oily skin because it will always have the tendency that the oil may transfer from your face to your brush or vice versa. Therefore your skin and brush will be more susceptible to dirt that may cause problem to your skin such as acne, blackheads or irritations. So, it is important to wash your brushes at least twice every week or as it needed.

Use retinol

Retinol has always been required for all to use daily. Even the experts say that ‘”Everyone should us retinol’”. Retinol can boost the skin’s health, it can promote skin cell turnover, increase production of collagen, and can lead you to a soft, clear, youthful looking skin. This will be your best shield to maintain or improve the skin to achieve the skin that you desire.